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Qlik Sense - Astra Data Source Connectors

Good Day,

I am currently using Qlik Sense on Cloud Services and I have created a test app to try and connect to a Datastax Astra database. I have followed the instructions step by step to connect to a Cassandra DataSource using a JDBC driver.    

The error I am getting is shown in the attached image.

The zip file is actually in the correct directory as shown, but it appears it's not being read in the directory where it's sitting. The error keeps coming up. 

I am not sure if it's a driver related issue or a Qlik Sense issue.

Any form of assistance would be appreciated in getting this connection to succeed.

Thanking in advance.


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I have reached out to several internal groups here at Qlik.

The general consensus is that it is an issue with the driver and that you will likely need to check with the driver manufacturer. I did a quick google search but could not find anything specific based on the error/image you provided.

My own thought is that the user permissions perhaps used in the test connection are not sufficient to access the network file indicated in the error or that the file is missing.

Sorry I could not find a specific answer but hopefully have guided you in the right direction.

kind regards...

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your feedback and my apologies for taking long to respond. I should have maybe mentioned this in the beginning that I am using the trial version of Qlik Sense on Cloud Services. This is for a POC presentation for a Client and I was basically trying to simulate their business environment as they use Qlik Sense Enterprise.

So I am not really sure if using the trial version has limitations in terms of functionality, because if that is indeed the case, then that would explain why Qlik Sense can't pick up the loaction of the JDBC zip file.

Kind Regards,