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Qlik Web Connector in Multi Node


We are facing issue with web connector in Multi Node Qlik Sense Enterprise.

1. We have Central + 3 Rim nodes ( On AWS )

2. Qlik Web Connector is installed on each node.

3. we are using different port ( not 5555 ).

4. Deploy.Config has changes 


5. Our server is accessible over https and we have certificate.

6.  I want to understand 

     A.> Do we have to extend our certificate to this port over which Web Connector is working and on all nodes ?

     B.> When we generate script from Hub, do we have to use localhost or the fully qualified url with https ?

     C.> Port used in web connector need to be opened both Inbound and Outbound ?

      D.> What is recommended, use one node with web connector where all tasks using web connector should run and no other kind of task or use web connector in all nodes and all tasks allowed in all nodes.

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Satisfied to consider your to be as I might suspect I have a similar issue, I am likewise confounded and needing light on this equivalent issue. Need assistance.



Moving this from QlikView Administration to Qlik Sense Connectivity so you reach your intended audience.

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I'll try and answer where I can.

A) Well we would always recommend securing the traffic to QWC using SSL as even if the reloads are happening from Sense running on the same machine as QWC the developers will likely be browsing to the QWC web UI from another machine so this should be secured. There are some notes in the help about this:

B) If QWC is running on the same machine as Sense then localhost should work. But what if the reload ends up happening on a different node with its own copy of QWC? If you run QWC on each node you also need to manage a separate set of QWC users and associated config (assuming you are using forms auth).

C) I think inbound only. It needs to be able to listed for HTTP requests on the port you have chosen.

D) I am not sure we would recommend either of these options although technically they should both be possible.

I think it's more common to run QWC on one node only, configure SSL and use the allowed IP whitelist to allow reload requests from any of the nodes where sense engine reloads can run from. - BI | Software | Qlik Integration Services
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