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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Qlik reports are supposedly locking tables when loading the data from SQL Database

Hi All,


This is an issue we encounter fairly frequently where Qlik reports are supposedly locking tables when and compete with other reports that are accessing the data from the SQL Database.  Is there something we can be doing to optimize the data accessing and reduce this issue?


I read similar post where they suggest to use the nolock hint at the query level. Is there any other way to overcome this issues. Please do suggest.



Thanks in Advance.

Nikitha Jain

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Hi, the nolock is a possible alternative. Also note that ususally it's better to do an initial qvd layer doing simple selects (without joins or any other logic) to retrieve the needed fields, and you can implement an incremental load to only query for the modified records since the last load. This is to reduce the need to use the SQL database.

Once exported to qvds, the next qvds layer can work with the first layers of qvd as it was the database, and do the needed operations to create the Data Model without the need to query the SQL Database.

There is a lot of documentation about incremental loads and qvd layers, to post some examples: