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Creator II
Creator II

REST CONNECTOR - change in QMC not applied in QVF datasource


I'm trying to modify the SQL embedded in a rest connector directly from the QMC/dataconnections.

You will find below the connector script where I have added the following at the end of the SQL :

where (K_COMP_COMP_RLT) <> '21' and (K_COMP_COMP_RLT) <> '22'

First I'm not sure I can use the <> (as for instance the = is normally replaced by %2 and " by %3  and ; by %1)

Second, after running this change in the QMC, I reload the data in my qvf but my change does not appear in the SQL accessible in the data connections located in my "load data editor" from my qvf.

Any idea of why the change is not applied ?

Any idea of what to use for the <> ?


CUSTOM CONNECT TO "provider=QvRestConnector.exe;url=https://XXXX.com/crm/soap;timeout=10000;method=POST;requestBody=<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:YYYY="http://XXXX.com" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope">	<SOAP-ENV:Body>		<YYYY:logon database="ZZZZ" user="aaa" password="bbbb"/>			<efficy:api> 				<datacontainer id="1" operation="executesqlquery" recordcount="">					<sql>SELECT K_COMP_COMP_RLT,K_COMPANY, K_COMPANY2 FROM LK_COMP_COMP_RLT where (K_COMP_COMP_RLT) <> '21' and (K_COMP_COMP_RLT) <> '22'  ;					 </sql>					<queryparams></queryparams>				</datacontainer>			</YYYY:api>		<YYYY:logoff/>	</SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>;httpProtocol=1.1;isKeepAlive=true;bodyEncoding=UTF-8;sendExpect100Continue=true;autoDetectResponseType=true;checkResponseTypeOnTestConnection=true;keyGenerationStrategy=0;authSchema=basic;skipServerCertificateValidation=false;useCertificate=No;certificateStoreLocation=LocalMachine;certificateStoreName=My;addMissingQueryParametersToFinalRequest=false;PaginationType=None;allowResponseHeaders=false;allowHttpsOnly=false;"
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