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REST Connector for Filemaker Pro 17

I need to create a REST connector to get data from a Filemaker Pro 17 application.  I have successfully done this using POSTMAN but have not been able to replicate in the QS REST Connector.

I have been able to create a QS REST Connector to get a token

This is where I am stuck.  I tried to create a 2nd REST Connector to perform the GET to retrieve the actual data.  I added a query header to contain the token.  But I can not get it to work.  

First, I don't know how to pass the token retrieved in the first connector to the 2nd connector.  I created a query header in the 2nd one and copied the token value for now.  That will not work in the future though.

Using the same URL that works in Postman I get this error in QS:

HTTP Protocol Error 500

Write string called without a string/buffer argument

I have no documentation to work from to figure out what settings and values I need in the QS Connector.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Were you ever able to get this to work?