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Partner - Contributor III

Retrieve data from elasticsearch - Qlik Sense


I have an issue when i try to load the data from elasticsearch REST API with the scan scroll method (QlikSense June 2017 Patch 1 - 11.11.2)

  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0379userRoles","
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0380"viewportPixelHeight",
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0381
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0382"__FK__source"
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0383FROM "_source" FK "__FK__source")
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0384
FROM "hits" PK "__KEY_hits_u0" FK "__FK_hits_u0")
  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0385FROM "hits" PK "__KEY_hits" FK "__FK_hits")

  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0386 FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root"

  2017-08-22 18:23:36 0387 WITH CONNECTION(Url "http://localhost:8090/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&size=100&scroll_id=cXVlcnlUaGVuRmV0Y2g7MzQ0OzQzOTA3MT.......................")

  2017-08-22 18:23:3665 fields found,

  2017-08-22 18:23:36      Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Connection with server closed prematurely.

  2017-08-22 18:23:36      Execution Failed

  2017-08-22 18:23:36      Execution finished.

Note : This error is raised only when I try to retrieve data from a large index with multiple columns (>60) and thousands of lines.

Please let me know how can i fix this error ?


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Does anybody have a proper solution for extracting data from elastic search