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Creator II
Creator II

SAP LogicalDB ADA (ABAP Logical DB Asset Accounting Reporting = Depreciation)

Good morning Gurus, 

Could Qlik SAP Connector somehow connect to SAP LogDB ADA (ABAP Logical DB, ADA for Asset Accounting), and extract the data? 

On my current project, I stumbled into SAP Asset Accounting area, which even SAP does not store the net book value, total annual depreciation...etc in the base tables. Calculating them in Qlik script seems far fetched. However, using SAP SE36, Logical Database  ADA (Asset Accounting), we could see the desired data. The structure of the ADA also seems similar to that of ANLA/ANLT/ANEK. 

To be proper, perhaps best architecture is to ask SAP ABAP to create a text export, but I am currently wondering if there are any way to connect to ADA and get the data. Also other customers who has HANA can get these data ready for QlikSense.  

If you have experience, please let me know. 

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