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Partner - Contributor

SOAP response Error via Qlik Rest Connector


I have searched this forum and various Qlik sites for several hours but haven't found what I'm looking for.

My problem is as follows. First some background:

I have established a successful SOAP connection via the Rest connector. I'm building the XML-requests as have been recommended in other posts such as in this one

The connection is successful as I'm getting data (specifically a login ticket) from the web service I'm connecting to, and Qlik correctly interprets this as XML data.

Now to the actual problem:

When I query the web service for actual data (from the General Ledger etc), the response body is pretty big, and there is no built-in method of pagination to use with the web service. When I try the query in Postman, the response gives me the whole response body and it is successful.

When I try the query in the Qlik Sense script it looks like this:

FROM "GetGeneralLedgerDataResponse" FK "__FK_GetGeneralLedgerDataResponse")
FROM "Body" PK "__KEY_Body" FK "__FK_Body")
FROM XML "Envelope" PK "__KEY_Envelope"
BODY "$(vRequestBodyGetGeneralLedgerData)"

When I load the GetGeneralLedgerDataResponse in a table, I get this single message stored in a field in the loaded table:

"Error: Failed to fill DataSet, , Object reference not set to an instance of an object.,".

It seems that the xml body response can't be parsed correctly, as if it tries to store the entire response in a single cell in the table.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



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