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SQL server connection with windows integrated security vs user/password


I have a question for clarification. 

If I create a new SQL DB connection with windows integrated security. 

Which account is taken for the authentication? The Qlik Sense service account or the account which has created the connection?

Does the QS service account have to be in the SQL DB?

If you are using user/password and not windows integrated security, do you still need to have the QS service account registered in the SQL server?


Sorry for that simple question, but I didn't find an answer by searching the help pages or using google. 

Thank you


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Contributor III
Contributor III

quickest is to just try it in your environment.

For mine, yes, the Qlik Sense service account (an AD account) is required to be granted the SQL Server DB access.

In Qlik Sense data connection, I use OLE DB connection and specify Windows Integrated Security option. no user name or password required.

However, if you are using SQL Server Login accounts, you will need to use the same set of credential to connect in Qlik data connection.
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