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Contributor II
Contributor II

Total hours sum



I have following issue with date / time data:

I have column with data given as an amount of hours, for example 26.4 and want to convert this to something meaningful in format hh:mm:ss that will allow me also to calculate this correctly (format hh:mm:ss is used in other tables to present duration between start and end dates).  So in this case it should be 26:24:00

I have tried to convert this to timestamp column (Timestamp([column_name] / 24, 'hh:mm:ss')) but I am loosing days some information and as output I get just 02:24:00.

I suppose that it is just about datetime format, but I was not able to found correct one. Excel supports something similar and you can use [h]:mm:ss to get proper information and something similar I need in QS.




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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey there,

Try this please 🙂

Interval( YourNum/ 24 , 'hh:mm:ss')