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Contributor III
Contributor III

User Directory Connection - where is data stored?

We have a User Directory Connection setup through LDAP.  This has a task that run every hour to pull in the most current data.  Works great as our User information now contains the groups associated with each user and we can design security rules around those groups.

I am now looking the build apps with section access using that same information.  So where is that user data being stored?  I assume its on the server somewhere. 

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It's in the repository database. But if you want to use it for section access then it may be easier to create a data connection to your ldap (or its database) instead.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

my windows team is hesitant to configure this connection (its weird, i know).  When you say repository database, is that a default data connection in qliksense?  Or would I need to setup a data connection to the repository database?