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Creator II
Creator II

error 08001: trying to connect SQL Server Management Studio with Qlik Sense

Hi all,

so, it's my first time trying to connect SQL Server Management Studio with Qlik Sense. In fact it's my first time setting up a database, so bear with me, I don't have the vocabulary for the terms.

Well, the access to the SQL DB  server was set to Windows Authorization so there is that one user  (let's say user1) and I also have a user with credentials (username/psw) for SQL Server Authorization (let's say user2). These both have every permission granted and their role is set to public.

Now, trying to connect Studio with Qlik Sense,  I  firstly chose "Microsoft SQL Server" in the available connectors. The connection fails (servername is ok, username is ok, psw is ok, db name is the one i want to load so i guess it's ok?) . Then I looked it up and tried with OLE DB, again connection fails. With ODBC connection alone i have no clue what to do.


What am i missing?


Could really use your help to go forward with this.

Really appreciated!


Thank you in advance!


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Creator III
Creator III

Some help, please?


So you able to connect to the SQL server through SSMS and not through Qlik Sense correct? 

Could you please share screenshots? (of successful connection through SSMS) and (of error in Qlik Sense)