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QDF does not install on Sense server 2.2

This is the error I'm getting in the log:

06.03.2016 21:10:48   Error updating csv file. Error was:Could not find a part of the path 'C:\QlikSense\\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\dtprojects'.

Furthermore, the Example-container and the Shared-container is also not installed. ( I have checked the Examples-box during execution of the install)

The environment is Qlik Sense Server on a Widows Server 2012 R2 operating system.

I hope I can get some advice, thanks in advance.

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Hi Lars, in Qlik Sense 2.2) we have identified a change of behaviour in FileSize(), this in turn breaks the vL.FileExist function that identifies files and folders. We have created a workaround for this that is found last in this thread. Hope that it will help you. Best regards


QDF and Qlik Sense. Creating Shared Global Variables

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Hi Magnus, thanks for quick answer.

The patch made the QDF initiation run further, but it fails further on.

I guess it still has something to do with the wildcard match, the error log suggests that, see enclosed log.


vL.ContainerStructure << INLBA8D

Lines fetched: 18

'### DF 2.GenericContainerLoader.qvs Started'

vL.temp_table_map << ContainerMap

Lines fetched: 7


Lines fetched: 5

The following error occurred:

No qualified path for file: "\*"

The error occurred here:

For Each vL.QDF.FileSearch in filelist ('\*')



Hi Lars, I've temporarily created and validated the new FileExist script that you can use to get around this problem (attached). Best regards