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Qlik Deployment Framework 1.6.0 teaser

Why Qlik Deployment Framework?

Qlik Deployment Framework (QDF) is a community driven framework for QlikView and Qlik Sense development and deployment. QDF is robust and widely used across the world, no other framework provides so much benefit to the customers.

Learn more under Qlik Deployment Framework

Benefits using Qlik Deployment Framework:

  • Seamless reusability of content and Qlik scripts between Qlik Sense and QlikView applications
  • Support for Integrated development environment (IDE) and version control
  • Built in function library accelerates development (DoDir, Master Calendar including Qlik Sense support and more..)
  • Governed master library reusable between multiple apps as well as across platforms (QlikView and Qlik Sense)
  • QVD meta-data indexing allowing for QVD governance and data search
  • Adapt to customer needs and security requirements using modular container architecture
  • Video based getting started guides and extensive documentation (Qlik Community)


QDF have been available on Qlik Community since 2012 (initially designed for QlikView) with an continuous enhancement cycle throughout the years. Version 1.6.0 was released in August mostly containing Qlik Sense enhancements.

What's new in QDF 1.6.0?

  • Updated installer that can add containers to any active frameworks (good for Qlik Sense)
  • Updated installer that does not need QlikView during upgrades (good for Qlik Sense)
  • Qlik Sense auto calendar support
  • Overall Qlik Sense enhancements
  • Qlik Sense Exercises
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