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Qlik Nprinting 17 + Qlikview 12 server installation


I'm trying to install Qlik Nprinting 17.1 Server and Engine on the same server installed QlikView Desktop and server 12. After successfully installed Qlik Nprinting Server and Engine, I try to add the engine to my designer, however, the engine is offline, eventhough I restarted the services i.e Engine and publisher. It's always offline.

At first is it possible to install Qlik Nprinting in the same server that runs QlikView server? If so I would like to read your suggestions and solution.


Elias A

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes it is possible. I hade that solution before and it work just fine. Check firewall and ports.  And download version 17.2 before you preside. Have you checked the log files and what is the error message?