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QlikView Straight table Conditional column with expression on Browser not working.

Hi All,

As discussed here and other places, I developed a simple straight table with conditional columns by checking Enable Conditional check box for some dimensions. Everything works fine on my desktop. What ever columns I choose are displayed by the straight table. But when deployed to server, other columns are also displayed which are not selected. Not clear why.

The following figures show desktop and servers results.


The above is Test21.qvw as viewed on desktop. The following is the server side.


So you see, Even though i have not selected ShipmentNumber, that column appears.

What am I missing on the server? Is there any server setting that I have to do. Also note, I have realized that the server version is 10.0.8935.7, where as the desktop version is

Qlikview for windows

Version 11.20.12347.0 SR6 64 bit

Does that matter? Please kindly help. I am running out of options, and driving me nuts.

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Also PFA the qvw file, in case you need.