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Video 6 - Parameterizing the Shared Data Connection

This video walks you through:

  • Using the Deployment Framework Variable Editor tool to create a Global Variable for the data connection's database host name
  • Modifying the shared connection string to use standard QlikView variable syntax - in place of the hard coded value
  • Updating the host name "values" in the Variable Editor to see the effect on the data loaded into the QlikView application

Previous Video: Video Link : 1166

Next Video: Video Link : 1184

NOTE: View in full screen for best results. It seems that video quality will vary due to your connection speed. This is being streamed from Jive (QlikCommunity) - if it turns out the video is difficult to view or if you are having buffering problems, please let us know.

This video can be see on YouTube here:

Mike Tarallo
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