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Auto Import & Publish Of The Apps To QlikSense QMC !!

In QlikSense to make any App available to end user needs to be imported to “My Work” stream and then publish to desired stream.

This process is  a manual one and in greenfield environments where regular updates/developments are being done this process becomes a tedious one to do in Production Environment.

Is there any way this process of importing/publishing can be automated completely or at least to some extent to avoid manual interventions.

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I am trying for same and it's not working for me.

Call 1 is fine - able to get the export ticket id.

However,  using this expport ticket id , not able to download...

using below in script:

 "https://" + server + ":4242/qrs/download/app/" + id + "/" + exportTicketId + "/" + Filename

Not sure, what the issue is? is it some type of encoding when download?