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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Best Amazon AWS product for Qlik Sense deployment

Hello community
we are having doubts about an environment that, due to its growth, we want to propose a new architecture. The problem or doubt we have is in the correct selection of the type of instance in Amazon AWS

Currently, the environment of 4 servers is distributed as follows:

Central Node with all services

RIM node1 with all services

RIM node2 with all services

Repository node with Qlik Sense database and all shared files


current deployment


For Qlik Sense Nodes we are getting short in RAM, and for repository server a bit short of CPU power


We have used the super famous Excel to estimate the servers capacities and we have approximately 145GB of disk space that the apps occupy, and we will need about 1.5TB of RAM for our 10,000 users. Detailing well the number of real users of the apps so that the number will not skyrocket much


Based on the deployment examples on the Qlik page and what our environment has, the recommendation would be something close to Multi-node (large)






The following is what we have in mind:

Central Node with all services

RIM node1 Consumer node (without scheduler)

RIM node2 Consumer node (without scheduler)

RIM node3 Reload node (without proxy)

RIM node4  Reload node (without proxy)

Repository node with QLik Sense database and all shared files


And this is where we have the doubt

¿which family is the most recommended for each server?


and this is what we think




I hope I have explained myself well.
We would like to receive your comments and suggestions.





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