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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Directing apps and task to a specific node in Qlik Sense Cluster - Feb 2018

Here is my situation:

  • Two nodes - 1623 and 1727 - clustered
  • Created a few apps, say
    • Read Data Large 1
    • Read Data Large 2
    • Read Data Large 3
    • Read Data Large 4
    • Read Data Large 5.
  • Created a few tasks, say
    • Reload task for Read Data Large 1
    • Reload task for Read Data Large 2
    • Reload task for Read Data Large 3.
  • Logged in into QMC
  • Created a new load balancing rule that sets these apps and tasks directed to only 1623, and this rule context is set to both hub and QMC. Resource filter is set to *.

And now the issue... when I run the tasks or the apps, they are getting distributed to both the nodes, and not being restricted to the one mentioned in the load balancing rule.

Validating and preview show the apps limited to only 1623, but when I open and run these, the task managers on both nodes show CPU being used beyond 90% indicating activity on both nodes - specifically the Qlik Sense Engine Service.

Note: These two are my dev servers, and I am the only one accessing them, and this allows me make sure no others are causing any activity on these.

How do I achieve this?

We intend to add multiple nodes to our cluster, and have some nodes dedicated for certain apps and tasks.

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Any luck here? Trying to achieve the same..


Qlik Sense Load Balancing Rules only work for Apps not tasks.So if you want to run a specific task for a specific node, include the underlying app id in load balancing rule.This will not work for "User Sync" tasks as they don't have any app associated.