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Engine keep restarting - error "Spawning KillerThread"

We experience problems with automatic restart of the Qlik Sense Engine, the logfile Exit_Engine.log contains this info:

Severity Timestamp ProcessId ThreadId Message
INFO 20190729T101402.059+0200 7792 8020 Spawning KillerThread
INFO 20190729T101402.062+0200 7792 10048 ServerExit entered
INFO 20190729T101402.062+0200 7792 10048 Kill child processes still running
INFO 20190729T101402.072+0200 7792 10048 Calling pListener->StopListening
INFO 20190729T101402.313+0200 7792 10048 Calling pPurger->Close
INFO 20190729T101422.070+0200 7792 8020 Termination not completed within 20 seconds. Quitting!
INFO 20190729T101422.071+0200 7792 8020 Terminating service

This happens several times every day. 

Anyone with good ideas what to check? What can cause this behavior?

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That message is normal entry when the service is getting stopped, I would look into the engine / trace folder and check the system_engine logs, also if the service is getting kill all over sudden then I would check the windows event logs ( application and system). 



Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik