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Partner - Contributor II

In Qlik License Monitor, make a column to know if the user has the right to access the Stream.

Here is my chart attached. That's what I want to get in the end. For the field "Access to Stream?" Do you know how I can do to have "Yes" in the case where the user has the right to access the Stream of an application as "App Str 1A - Consumer Sales" otherwise "No"? 

To create the code of "Access to Stream?", I think I have to create a code with the if condition and the Qlik License Monitor tables: "User Attribute Value", "User Attribute Type". Am I right? Could you help me ?

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I do not think you can use the existing data in the app to get that column. 


This is controlled by security rules,  which is stored in repository database not in the logs.  You can use some db connector tool such as pgadmin to connect and have a look at some relevant tables, such as SystemRules. However you need to match the rules with the user and the stream name. 


One easier way: check this in QMC which already has the existing User Access table for each stream.