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Creator III
Creator III

Is the Elastic Stack chatty with the central node during app consumption?

If you were to install an Elastic Stack/QS Kubernetes Cluster and place it 3,000 miles away from your on prem central node, you would find that there's a lot of chat back to the central node when the app is opened. Even after the initial opening when the app is loaded "in memory".

Does the Elastic Stack/QS Kubernetes Cluster eliminate this chattiness? If so how? How does authentication work?

*Removed any mention of Linux to make my post less confusing.

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Hi Stephen - I am getting someone to also look at this.

thp‌ - thoughts?

Mike Tarallo
Creator III
Creator III

Thanks Michael.

I'd be very interested in seeing a real world demo where the nodes are across the country from each other, rather than in the same data center.


Hi Stephen,

as I've been chatting with Joe Hale as well, you might had a chance talking with him already. But in terms of your question:

Your cloud deployment (Elastic Stack) is not just another node which belongs to your central node in your Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows. We are deploying our Elastic stack into a Kubernetes Cluster as you mentioned above and it’s an independent deployment of Qlik Sense. That Qlik Sense Elastic for Enterprise deployment includes everything in order to run the applications distributed into it. With our latest GA release, we do support the consumption use case. Meaning your windows environment will be used as an App distributor after the app has been reloaded or changed. That will trigger a new upload of the app into your elastic environment. Once it is there it's running purely within the elastic stack and there is no heavy chat back with the QSE for Windows environment. Authentication works via an OIDC IdP, where you can currently use Auth0 and Okta. ADFS will be the next one we do support. It's the consumption use case today but there is more to come ... and to your final comment: The whole elastic deployment is something which is running within docker containers as micro services. Those are deployed via a helm chart into your Kubernetes cluster. And so to speak its running on a Linux platform.

Hope this helps,


Thomas Hopp
Senior Product Manager - Cloud Native Platform
Creator III
Creator III

Hello Thomas,

In our use case we're trying to reduce cross geography (3,000mi) latency on mobile devices, so that when a user clicks on a Qlik Sense link on their ipad, it opens in 2 sec vs. 10+ sec . Before elastic, the only way to do this is to set up a separate site (central node and rim node) closer to the users.

I'd love to see a demo of opening an app hosted by elastic with great distance between the windows environment and the elastic stack. Do you have anything like this up and running in the lab?