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Migration failed - lost information

Hi community,

I just upgrade from Qlik Sense 3.0 to Qlik Sense 3.2.5 .

It seems it was ok but I lost all the apps, extensions, objects.... Everything. The migration was failed because, in my opinion, it didn't find my folder with all the information. 

Fortunately, I did a backup so I can try again. 

I also tried exporting and importing apps but when I open the app, appears an error mesage: "you do not have the permissions to open the app". What permissions?

What I have done wrong? Is there any doc to learn how to do the migration correctly? Or, at least, how to short folders so it can find?


Thank you in advance


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I am assuming you are upgrading to 3.2 so then you can jump to one of the modern versions, like February 2019? If you do, then my guess is you are upgrading 3.0 -> 3.2 to shared persistence, which I would not recommend it. Instead, stay in sync persistence, and then once you upgrade to anything higher than June 2017 the installer will upgrade you to shared persistence, which makes things much simpler than trying to change the architecture in 3.2 version.  Once you move to anything higher than June 2017, you are for to do shared persistence, which then you will required a shared folder that will carry you apps, shared content, archive logs and etc. The shared folder UNC path will be request during the upgrade, and the expectation is that you have that folder ready and shared, and you must manually move the binary ( app) and its shared content. You may read more here:


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik