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Monitor with Qlik Sense objects (multiplexing?)

Dear all,

Maybe a weird and "stupid" question but I am struggling a bit with a license terms challenge. We have some warehouse workers where we want to share our performance with, these performance figures are generated through Qlik Sense. These warehouse workers don't have an own computer / login credentials or what so ever.

The idea is to give them a screen where they not login to Qlik Sense but checking a page / document / file / Mashup with some snapshots of the graphs / objects. But for sure no interaction with the graphs etc.

Is this against the license terms, or is this an approved method?

Thanks in advanced for the time taken to reply on this one, much appreciated

Kind regards,


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Jeffery, the Qlik Sense is licensed (so far) for users or cores. In the first case they need a license token assigned whereas they didn't in the second case.

Since an interaction and navigation is not needed, you can use a static report generated by NPrinting (e.g. A JPG image) published on a portal.

Hope this help