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Partner - Contributor

Objects not loading on user's server


There is a problem with loading some objects in many different apps only on one server.

(3 servers, Dev, Production, Central. Problem is Production for users)

  • Users work on that one server. 
  • There is low usage of CPU and an average of 50% RAM. 
  • If I open the app on two other servers there is no issue.
  • Filters are stuck in loading forever.
  • Tables loading more than 5 minutes or for some users also forever.
  • The only error I found is "result=15 Request aborted"
  • The problem started 22.02 with only one app, 23.02 client reports problem on multiple apps.


For now:

The client restarted the server and the tables loaded really slow for them.

Do you know such a case?

#Qlik Sense August 2021

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Hi @MGawron 

The first thing to look at is what is actually behind the object(s) that take(s) a long time to load.

There may be heavy front end calculations that could be moved to the back end (in the script)

A great tool and method to monitor expensive object is this:

More info: