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Contributor II
Contributor II

Opening QS App is Slow



I've recently migrated my Qlik Sense enterprise + upgraded my QS to Jun2019.

There had been many performance issue and I'm hoping to get some ideas as to where to locate the root problem.


I will start with one first which is regarding opening a Qlik Sense App from the hub.


#1. When you open an app from the Hub, typically it will say to Qlik Sense is loading App Overview etc. It does appear that this screen takes up to 3-5minutes to load (sometimes, not all the time and can occur at any time of the day). My index creation is perform after every reload (once a day).

+Unsure if related #2:  we use our AD for authentication, after authenticating instead of going to the hub it gets stuck at a white screen for extended period (3-5minutes). I do suspect it is our load-balancer for this issue, however would it affect issue #1?


Thank you for your advice.

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