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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Proxy unable to load balance any of the engine services error while accessing hub.

Hi All,

I have successfully done the Central Node and Failover Node installation for Qlik sense. While installing I also created a virtual proxy for session handling and Load balancing. So when I try to open the hub through the failover node URL I am getting this error. I have also configured the Active Directory in the Central node. Also on both the url I am logging in with an admin users.

"Proxy unable to load balance any of the engine services"

Also I got this on the community but could not make out the solution. If anyone can help on the same.

Looking forward to your immediate response as I am at the client side and need a quick resolution.


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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi sandeepj13,

Have you found the solution for this error yet?


Hello Caio,

If you are facing the same issue as Sandeep, you may need to recheck the Virtual Proxy configuration. Please check if the Load balancing Node has been added to the Virtual Proxy and verify if the Proxy is linked to the Virtual Proxy correctly?

If the above did not solve the issue, you may reach out to Qlik support for more assistance.


Tom Issac