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QS Server installation


Please assist with the following scenario - we have 1 QS Server license and we wish, eventually, to implement multi node architecture with 1 node for production and 1 node for development.

We have started with installing one node on dev machine, developed apps, installed extensions, etc. we intended that the installation would be for multi nodes.

Later, when attempting to install the second node over a production machine and joining an existing cluster (which was installed originally) we've faced an issue at the step of the repository and local DB. When trying to explore the issue we've realized that initial installation of 'Listen Addresses' and 'IP Ranges' is probably wrong and that's the reason why joining the cluster fails.

What would be best solution?

Can we save the work that we've done up until now, reinstalling the first node (as a cluster) and installing the second node all over again?

please assist,


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Hi @shayraber 


Hope this helps:

Qlik Sense - Configuring the PostgreSQL database to accept connections from other nodes

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