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Qlik Sense Custom ODBC User Directory inactivates users during login

Hi all,

I have configured a custom ODBC User Directory which fetches users from a Postgresql database.

It successfully managed to populate Users list with the users in these tables.

No problem so far.

Then, I generate a ticket for one of these custom users (DIR\user1 for example) and consume it with the link below to open a new session :


These attempt immidiately throws an error below:

"Your account is inactive. Contact your administrator to activate it."

If I "sync" the user directory, the user becomes active again and I proceed to log him in with the same ticket without error.

But it is annoying that i need to sync user directory so often.

The documentation indicates that if the user was removed from the source database, it may block or inactivate the user for security reasons but my users still exist in the db. Link : Inactivating users ‒ Qlik Sense

By the way Repository Logs says:



Denying access for user DIR\user1 which is marked as inactive

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Have u resolved this issue?

We have similar issue on our client site.

Our client uses AD for their legacy system, but it does not have necessary infos for user authorization  and try to disable AD and configured to user ODBC + Ticket _node.js to gather user info.

However, for some reason whenever user try to login, qlik server make user inactive...

Any idea?



Yes, this was because of a bug in Custom ODBC. If your user and attribute tables contain upper case values in userid field, it throws error and inactivates users. Changing userid field data into lower case solved the issue.

It is supposed to be fixed in Qlik Sense 3.1+