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Contributor III

Qlik sense upgrade applying patch 9 to Sep 2020 version

Dear Team,

I want to upgrade my existing Qlik Sense version Sep 2020 13.95.3(Base Version)  and apply patch 9 of Sep 2020.

I have HA setup  comprising of one central node which has all services installed and one RIM node which has all  services installed except Repository database.

I just want to know when  i apply patch 9  of Sep 2020 will it have any impact to  Qlik root CA  certificate.


 I have to dead sure as i have to apply this to running production system and ensure nothing breaks.


Any advise/help  is much appreciated.






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Since this is a Qlik Sense Question I will move this to the QlikSense Admin forum.

But patching should not affect the certificates.



I believe this is the same post as  so I will paste the same answer.

My understanding is that you would like to switch the central node role to the  rim node while you are patching correct? 

If so, then you should make sure to use the failover feature in Qlik Sense and switch the role manually before your upgrade.

In addition, if you want your user to continue accessing the hub while doing the upgrade, then you should make sure that the hub URL does not point to a specific node but rather to a Network Load Balancer that can redirect the traffic to any available node. 

Finally, I would highly suggest to test this out in a test/dev environment first. There will be some disturbance to be expected as any active session on a node that you will upgrade will be closed. 

Hope this helps!

Bastien Laugiero
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