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QlikSense Login Page enable

Hi All,

How to enable QlikSense login page, we have virtual proxy enabled with Header authentication and SiteMinder defending it using IIS.



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May be these steps can help you:

1. Create new virtual proxy

- Locate Virtual proxies in QMC

+ Create New

2. Identification

- Description is just for QMC

- prefix is what you'll see in URL, keep it short! I used "login"

- Session cookie header - just use any unique value.

3. Authentication

- No anonymous user

- Ticket authentication

- Windows authentication pattern: Form

Qlik will recognise the keyword Form and automatically give the login window to anyone using this VP

4. Load balancing

- add some node. You'll have at least central there.

That's it for config. Now hit Apply. This might log some people out so do it at a service break time.

5. Add VP to your Proxy

- in QMC, go to Proxies and edit the active one (Central if you have not created custom)

- in Associated Items > Virtual proxies, add the Virtual proxy you created before.


Might be this one also helps you:

Custom Login Page

Not applicable

node.js files always hangs...unstable solution for multinodes and multiusers logged in at same time....needs to fix node.js which hangs repeatedly