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Qliksense deployment on Kubernetes using QSEoK

Hi Members,

We are planning to deploy QSEoK in our cloud platform. In planning/POC stage we are trying to deploy the QSEoK using Helm charts.

We have certain constraint in our environment on k8s platform. Which is creating issues in deployment. I am looking for any help or suggestion on following points.

1. QSEoK requires docker images to be downloaded from qlik-docker-qsefe.bintray.io and dockerHub. In our case we are using artifactory for repository and docker images. How we can force chart to pick images from internal repository. I can see number of images gets deployed in QSEoK

2. We do not have dynamic storage allocation via k8s storage class. We can define pvc/pv/sc to handle it manually. Please suggest how to take this further in values.yaml 

acceptEULA: "yes"
enabled: true
accessMode: ReadWriteMany
existingClaim: qlik-pvc

please let me know how we can manage global persistence. Thanks 

# persistence:
# storageClass: "xyz-qlik"



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