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Reuse Qlik Sense installation on AMI for different AWS machine


I'm struggling with a Qlik Sense Server installation on Amazon Web Services (AWS). I created a machine image (AMI) and a running AWS instance. On this instance Qlik works fine without larger problems. However if I want to reuse this AMI with a different AWS instance, Qlik's QMC and Hub cannot be accessed anymore (Internal Server Error - 500).

I tried to repair the installation on the new machine with Qlik's installer, but the repair failed for some reason as the repository database server could not be stopped. Even uninstalling Qlik did not solve the problem. Only uninstalling and removing Qlik's root certificate from the MS certificate store resulted in a state where Qlik could be installed again.

I suspect, that the problem seems to be related to the change of the hostname when using an AMI for different AWS machines.

Is there any way to fix this on an already installed Qlik instance. Or this there any official way on installing Qlik on an AMI?

Best regards

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