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Security Rule to Access an App without having access to the Stream

Dear Community,

I'm trying to give permisson to user to  specific apps without give them access to the stream where the apps are published. Why do I try such a "strange" thing? In this special case i'll created a mashup for those apps, therefore i only want to grant the user to the mashup and the should not be able to see the corresponding app in the hub (That's why I'm trying to hide the stream where the app is published)).

Therefore my question is it possible to give user directly access to  an app without having access to the Stream? Or is there any other way how I can hide the stream to the user.

My setup is the QS Server November Relase.

We had setup up an access concept on stream and on app layer by custom properties. Similar to this video (Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management - YouTube) .

We have created two different Streams, Apps (Where the normal apps are stored), Mashup (The stream where all apps which are used only for mashup are stored into and that stream which should be hidden)

Thanks for any help,

Best regards Oli

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Ahh. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear things are working as expected at this point.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Hartmoli, 

How did you manage to solve the problem with the missing sheets? I am facing the same issue and would appreciate your help.