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Sharing apps in Qlik Sense Cloud Business is not working properly

Hi all,


as Qlik Sense Cloud will be transitioning to Qlik Sense Business, i have now registred for the free trial period for Qlik  Sense Business. I would like to share some of my apps with a colleague, so i have sent him an invoice which he has accepted.

The app is now in my personal space and when i press '....' i can choose Share with this colleage, and I have also made a shared stream which he also has acces to, so i can choose to move that app to that stream.

Now the problem is that  sharing is his stream is not working , as the app keeps going  back to my personal space everytime I log off. But when i'm still logged-in and my colleage wants to open the app, he can see the app but no sheet s in it. 

I have also tried it with the Share option, but then again he is not able to see any sheets in the app.. As far as i can see, all settings are okay, I'm the owner of the app and my colleage has the right to see everything. In the header of the shared app, i can see his initials, and when i go the to the Stream i've made for him, his initials are mentioned as member of the group.

Does anybody know how  this can be solved?


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