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Partner - Creator

load balance rules for multi node qlik sense

hi Qlikers,

                    We have two nodes. one is central and other one is RIM (scheduler and proxy) node.

rim node enabled services : Repo,proxy,scheduler,engine.

central is for internal and RIM is for DMZ (external) access.

A app contains reload button(widget) that dynamically reload the data based on user preferences.

proxy name for central https://qlikserver/internal/

proxy name for rim https://qlikserver/dmz


now if any user reload the app on Ondemand(using reload widget button) using the dmz proxy that reload want to happen in rim node

like wise if any user reload the app on Ondemand(using reload widget button) using the internal proxy that reload want to happen in central node.


can i create load balance rules like following below

proxy = dmz then reload in rim node if proxy = internal then reload in central node.


user custom property = dmz then reload in rim node  if user custom property = internal then reload in central node.


 but we can duplicated the app then we can create rule like 

app - testapp-dmz then reload in rim app - testapp-internal then reload in central.

is that right?i didn't try this solution..and i dont want to duplicate the app.


any other solution


another one where is logs file is stored when we reload the app using widget(reload) button on app.


qlik sense version : april 2019



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Creator III
Creator III

You can't control this. Load balancing will not affect scheduler which is what controls reloading. Load balancing will control repository and engine services, but when a user chooses to reload an app the repository service communicates with the central node to assign a scheduler node round-robin style to load this. We have load balancing rules set up in our environment for our apps. This is the only function of load balancing in Qlik Sense unfortunately. We have a 5 node installation and we see our apps open on the correct nodes, but any scheduler will reload them.