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user filter conditions - IsActive?

I know this has been asked before, but I've not yet been able to find a complete answer.

Is there documentation on ALL the available resource conditions? The help only has a few obvious conditions like,, user.environment... But what about all the others? I've seen reference to user.IsAnonymous() in one of the "user rule examples" in the online help, but can't find any place that documents IsAnonymous(). So it stands to reason that there are lots of undocumented user filters or conditions (even the nomenclature is a bit confusing).

I'm trying to create a rule that evaluates if the user is Active/Inactive. 

I've tried a dozen things with no success (user.IsActive(), user.IsActive()="False", !user.IsActive, user.Inactive = "Yes",...)

Thank You

2 Replies

I've searched through the API and found this documentation

Although some of these user attributes can be used in rules (ex., userDirectory, roles, name). It appears that not all attributes can be used (ex., removedExternally, inactive). 

Also, this list does not contain IsAnonymous. Which makes sense, since that would be more of a session property and the user wouldn't be listed in... a list ... if they were anonymous. 

Anyway, I'm still searching for the complete list of filters for security rules as it pertains to users. Baffles me that this isn't documented or easier to find.


When it comes to that specific function:

As for the rest, that entire section is pretty robust in terms of what's available:

2019-08-01 13_48_13-IsAnonymous ‒ Qlik Sense.png