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Learn the differences between Qlik Sense button actions - Reload Data and Execute Automation - when you want to reload a Qlik Sense app, or have ANY user execute an automation.

When creating Qlik Sense Apps  - you can use a Button object and configure a variety of actions or navigation settings to it. One of those actions is the ability to Reload Data for the app you are in. This comes in handy during development, but also can be used where users require new data on demand.

However, when using the Reload Data action - other users may not be able to perform the reload action as they don't have ownership of the app or reload rights to the app / space the app is developed in. Here is an approach when using Qlik Cloud and Qlik Application Automation that can workaround that. This approach will also work for any App Automation that you want any user to execute. 

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