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    This week's Design Blog introduces you to the Qlik Cognitive Engine. You may have heard about our new Cognitive Engine when it made its first appearance in the Qlik Sense April 2018 release. It delivered an augmented intelligence driven experience that improved how analytics were created by learning from the data and automatically suggesting the best visualizations for chosen dimensions and measures.  Building on this premise, Qlik Sense June 2018 introduced the Insight Advisor which suggests multiple analytics from the entire dataset along with new user interactions, such as the ability to choose dimensions and measures and even search allowing the Cognitive Engine to generate insights on the fly from your data by understanding the user's analysis intent and context. Going forward our cognitive engine will include enhanced machine learning algorithms not only to learn from the data but also from the user in order to present statistically significant insights bringing them front and center, helping our users to move from data to insights. With the cognitive engine, and upcoming machine learning capabilities, we are reducing the barriers to entry for analytics, so people can focus on actions and outcomes.

What is the Qlik Cognitive Engine?


The Qlik Insight Advisor - powered by the Qlik Cognitive Engine

NOTE: Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your organization or region? No problem, just download the attached .mp4 file to watch on your computer or mobile device.