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Partner - Creator

GeoAnalytics Plus error "The system cannot find the file specified"

We're in the process of setting up a GeoAnalytics Plus connection and getting error "The system cannot find the file specified". This is a heavily firewalled implementation (the URL below is currently blocked) and wondering if the issue is related to:

"GeoAnalytics Plus requires access to for license control, routing and lookup operations while GeoAnalytics extensions require access to a server, either our cloud or a Qlik GeoAnalytics Enterprise Bundle or Local Map Server."

Creating GeoAnalytics Plus connection errorCreating GeoAnalytics Plus connection error

The error is explicit about "...the file specified" - but perhaps this is misleading. The belief is that initial installation was successful. We're using the Plus variant to avoid calls outside of the organization (for both ETL and UI/map/tile resources)

Martin Curtis

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Martin,

Am getting the same error.

Did you manage to find a resolution?



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

No solution yet.

Our first action will be to open up firewall to and see if that resolves it. 

I'm hoping that the Idevio Connector logs shed more light on the issue than the vague "file not found" UI error. Was hoping that by now this thing would be more of a "first class" connector rather than appear an after-thought. (Maybe it is in SaaS 😉)