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Creator III
Creator III

Heat Map on Suburb Level

Hi There

Im very new to Geoanalytics in qlikview.

I've built a model with a map layer and area chart layer.

When using Province as my dimension in the area layer properties , the heat map renders correctly

When I try using Suburb instead it does not render on the heat map, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Attached is the location settings of my area map which works when using province, when I change to suburb it does not reflect on the map.

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Hi Ridhaa,

Most likely the suburb names don't get a hit in the location db. Set the map window to show debug info and you can see the mismatches. The internal db for South Africa contains approx 19000 cities and places. You can retrieve the spelling by using the load operation in the QGA connector.




Creator III
Creator III

Thank you Patric, my issue was that qlik does not have the area geometries for SA , the points are there but not the shapes. I had to bring in shape files via the load connector to resolve

Thank you