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Qlik Geoanalytics - within


I have a lot of points with coordinates that I need to group in geographical areas. I have a file with the polygons for the areas, but how do I make Qlik GA group the points in the areas based on the coordinates? I have heard that there is a function called "Within" that should do the trick and have seen som examples but none of them were useful. Anybody have an easy way to do this?

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There is a relation between enclosed and enclosing if enclosed is completely inside the enclosing area. Returns a table which maps between the key in enclosed and the key in enclosing for all found relations. The field names in the returned table will be the same as for the key field in enclosed and enclosing datasets respectively.

Use within typically for finding which areas the data is in. For example to test GPS-position for which administrative area they are in. This is a kind of reverse geocoding.

Dataset to test withing onDataset A dataset with geometries to test for which areas they are enclosed by.
Area datasetDataset A dataset with area geometries to test for which geometries they enclose.

Check this:


Check the same file of WithIn function used: