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Discussion Board for collaboration regarding Qlik GeoAnalytics.

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Partner - Contributor

geoAnalytics timing


we have the following issue with geoAnalytics: we have an arealayer and a geoAnalytics map.
On the arealayer there are 69000 polygons which are colored according to a score.
We note that the polygons' appearence on the map takes different time, ranging from 10-15 seconds.
In particular, it would not seem due to the calculation nor the environment where the dashboard resides as it has been tested on different environments,
but due to the call to the cloud.
Do you have any suggestions to reduce these times?

GeoAnalytics connector: May 2021 release - basic license
Qlik Sesnse Patch 1 of February 2020
Qliksense Server: 13.62.7

Thnak You

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69000 polygons can be a lot, especially if each polygon have many breakpoints. Each area layer has a maximum of 50 000 items. Some hints to improve rendering speed.

  • Build hierarchies, build overview layers and use drill down, very few users can distinguish 69 000 areas on a 4K screen.
  • If place names are used for location, consider loading the geometries in the load script.
  • If the polygons are complex, use Simplify to reduce the number of breakpoints.