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Discussion Board for collaboration regarding Qlik GeoAnalytics.

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

"Custom Info Bubble" for more than one same latitude and longitude

Hi everyone !!
I have this :
Bubble Layer :
ID : Sucursal
Location : Only({<[AñoMes] =, Tipo = {'PROPIO'}, FLAG_PROPIO_ALQUILADO -= {1}>} Ubicacion)

(Inside Ubicacion I have latitude and longitude for each building)

Info Bubble - Custom:
Sucursal & '<hr>' &
'Dirección: ' & Direccion & '<hr>' &
'Metros cuadrados: ' & NUM([Metros 2],'#.##0,##', ',' , '.'))

These parameters show this picture and it's fine !!


My problem is I have 5 differents office in this adress with same latitude and longitude and I want to show all offices. 
e.g. : add Juana Manso 501/99 UF 380 - Piso 3 Oficina E, same Adress (Dirección in Spanish), mts2 : 450 ......

I used ONLY aggregation just to complete the measure, but I don't need any aggregation. I mean, e.g. I don't need to sum mts2.
I appreciate some help !!, thanks in advance.




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To show many offices on the same point -> use the point as the dimension. Make a key field with lat long, round to five decimals to the key is the same. See reducing coordinates:


A "trick" to fast get a popup is to use a hidden pie chart layer, see tooltip table:




Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hi Patric !!

Thanks a lot for share your knowledge and help us, I saw so many answer yours about GeoAnalytics. ‌‌‌‌👏
I needed a quicky solution, so I changed the Long's third or fourth decimal, increasing 2 at each offices and when the map show I see only one point, but when a zoom in I see the 5 (offices or points) closely with their description.
I know is not the best solution, but it was a fast solution accepted for my client ‌‌.‌‌ 😅
I will test your ideas as soon as possible.
Thanks again !!