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How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Qlik Community

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How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Qlik Community

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Mar 8, 2024 3:21:38 PM

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Mar 8, 2024 3:21:38 PM

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security to access to Qlik Community. 

  1. Log into Qlik Community
  2. Go to 
  3. Choose Password & Security
  4. Click on Setup

  5. Install a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on phone. There are several on the market, (Google Authenticator - LastPass Authenticator - Microsoft Authenticator and more)

    Note: Using just a QR reader will not work, Only a MFA Authetication app will.
  6. Scan the QR code with your MFA Authenticator

  7. Proceeded to use the code created from MFA authenticator 
  8. You are given an important recovery link. The link is ONE time use - IMPORTANT - Save this code for recovery purposes *


  9. You will see that the MFA is successfully set.

    * If you see yourself the need to use the MFA Recovery code, Note that a new one will be generated. Please save the last one generated.
  10. If in the future MFA needs to be disabled, navigate to the same screen and click "Remove"...


  11. Click "Yes, remove"



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