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Ideation Guidelines: Getting Started with Ideation

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Ideation Guidelines: Getting Started with Ideation

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May 15, 2023 7:55:29 AM

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What is Qlik Ideation?

Qlik Ideation is a portal open to customers and partners in our Qlik Community,to help make Qlik products better for everyone by submitting and voting on product ideas. Your ideas help shape the product roadmap and are an important part of Qlik’s product planning and prioritization process.

Do I need to log into Qlik Community to use the Ideas board?

Anyone can view ideas without logging in to Qlik Community. However, only Qlik customers, partners, Luminaries, MVPs, and employees may contribute.

See this post for help logging into Qlik Community. If you do not have a Qlik Community account, be sure use your company email address when registering. Personal email address should not be used as they will prevent you from being recognized as a Qlik customer or partner.

What makes a good contributor to the Ideas board?

We love the enthusiasm and passion of Qlik Community members. To ensure that same energy within the Ideas board, we have established a few rules of engagement:

  • Do not spam: Do not post advertisements or blatant promotions of other products and services.
  • Do not share sensitive information: The Ideas board is not a place to share your company's, or any third party's, confidential or proprietary information.
  • Be respectful: Always be courteous to other Qlik Community users. Avoid offensive or abusive language and materials.
  • Contribute: Submit your own ideas. Show your support for others by liking and commenting on their ideas.
    Your use of the Ideas board is governed by the Terms of Use. Failure to comply with the Terms of Use may result in the deletion of your Idea, comment or Qlik Community profile.
  • Get engaged! As we work to grow Ideation and implement more communication, we hope to find our users active and ready to give feedback. Please check out the upcoming community roadmap sessionsblog posts, and available technical previews to find new ways to get involved.

How do I submit an Idea?

You submit ideas by navigating to the Suggest and Browse page on Qlik Community Ideation and clicking "Suggest features" in the top card.

Before submitting an idea, use the embedded Qlik Sense app on that page to do a search. If there is an existing idea, add your support by clicking the link and voting for it it and/or adding a comment. If there is not an existing idea, click on the “Suggest features” card. Please review the Submitting an Idea post for more details.

You can also open the Ideation Portal first, and use the browse feature there. 

How do I support an Idea?

Ideas bubble to the top with additional “votes” and “comments”. You can show your support for an idea by being part of the conversation (comments) and voting for the idea.

What is the difference between "Top Ideas" and "Hot Ideas"?

Top ideas are based on all time number of "likes". Hot ideas are based on an algorithm built into the Community platform that is a combination of popularity and recency.

Popularity is based on:

  • Participation - how fast are comments being accumulated in the thread and the unique participants
  • Consumption - how frequently is the thread being viewed and/or liked

Recency is based on:

  • Time of last comment - this is the post time of the last comment in the thread.
  • Thread lifespan - this is the length of time between the first and last comments in the thread; longer lifespans relate to higher scores
  • Participation - same as in popularity; used here to keep ideas with long lifespans and low participation rates in check


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