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Partner - Creator

Experiences in the health sector


I want to share in this space the experiences in the health sector.

What are the most frequent needs to build models in QlikView?

What are the models that generate greater value in the health sector?

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Ooo interesting question.

Aside from the usual issues one of the things that particularly stands out for me in the health care sector is the need for time or period based analysis. For example patient "spells" may comprise of several "episodes" of care that are defined by being within an arbitrary time period of each other. Sometimes the definitions can be quite tricky and the patients movements hard to follow.....

This can be tricky to script. Even "latest value" queries in languages like SQL require joining tables to themselves etc.

Qlikview I would say is average at it but has a massive advantage in that I'm not so worried about scripting an extra column to mark latest / earliest values or link periods of time into spells etc as the memory used isn't going to be a problem.

What would you say?