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Can I create a QVF using API?

I am looking for a capability in our web application where users will be able to download the .qvf file. Can I use the Qlik Engine APIs to achieve the following:

  1. Create an empty App OR create a copy of a default app which has some sheets created.
  2. Create a new data load script OR edit an existing data load script of an app. 
  3. Load the data with the data load script edited in Step 2
  4. Get the ID/handle of this .qvf file created, ZIP the this .qvf and provide it as a file that can be downloaded.

I want to achieve the above mentioned steps programmatically behind the scenes by using Qlik APIs. Can this be done?

We have QlikSense enterprise portal setup, but only a few users have access to it. For majority of our customers we want to deliver the QlikSense apps (.qvf file) with a subset of data depending on each user's authorization via our web portal. Users can download the .qvf files from the web portal and use them on QlikSense desktop to do their own analytics.

I referred the below help link and it seems to be possible:

Any guidance in this area would be helpful.

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