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Can't add data to custom extension after delete-insert

Hi Experts,

I'm extension/mashup developer for my firm and developed 4-5 extensions before without any problem. But in this time i encountered problem. 

If I create new sheet and add extension, its all OK. But when I delete and insert same extension or when I insert extension second time to same page I can't add any field to my extension. If I create new sheet, everything is OK. Any change about properties didn't help. Is this bug or do I miss something? I don't know how to approach this problem. I can share my paint codes, properties etc. if needed.

Screenshot: left one is the first time added extension that I added to new page, and right one is the second time added extension to same page. Even if I drag field to extension or choose by clicking add dimension, nothing happens.

Qlik Desktop Version: 13.42.1

Any help would be appreciated,



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Have you checked the browser console for errors? If you refresh the page, does it still not work?


Hi Erik,

Thanks for response.

Even if I refresh, nothing happens and console is always empty. As you know, If paint method is not triggered, nothing is rendered; if I can't add the data, paint does not do anything. Am I wrong?

Contributor III
Contributor III


try with this method  chrome brower >> More Tools >> Developer tools / ctrl+Shift+i /  f12

2.  right click on reload button of your browser >> Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

try with this if its work for you 

Else give sample of your code

Thanks Regard

Harsh Gohil